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WHAT is a VAR or Referral Partner?

  • A VAR (Value Added Reseller) or Referral partner is a business partner that has customers who need T1s, PRIs, DS3s, OC3s, MPLS, Ethernet or similar Services. Examples of VARs are businesses that sell, maintain, manage or repair computer networks, Telephone Systems, PBXs and/or other Telecommunications solutions and equipment.
  • A VAR is a business that sells services that are needed by some of our Telecommunications carrier service customers.

  • WHY become a Referral Partner?

  • As a GAIA Referral Partner, you can provide a more complete set of Telecom services to your customers. A customer who obtains more than one service from a vendor is more likely to stick with that vendor for additional products and services. So the more products and services your company offers, the more sticky to customers you will become. Through the very successful business model that T1Guy employs (Gaia's T1 expert), that is, real-time online T1 quotes, DS3 quotes, PRI quotes, MPLS quotes, Ethernet quotes, etc. based on location -- you can function like a full service firm.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE LEADS - Everyday thousands of customers visit our very visible websites, searching for a service other than those that we offer; we then refer these customers to our VARS. Ours, is an award-winning business model that has succeeded in attracting a steady stream of customers for companies like ACC Business, AT&T, MegaPath, New Edge, NuVox, Qwest, TelePacific, UCN, etc. After you sign up as a VAR, you will be sent info on how to complete your VAR profile. After you complete the profile, we can send leads to you based on various criteria including location info, and the services and/or equipment that you offer.
  • Commissions - When you send a lead to us, if that lead begins a customer, you have an option to receive a percentage of our commission. Most VARs are glad to receive a commission.

  • HOW to become a Referral Partner?

  • Call us at 609.333.6932 or go to the Persimmon Telecom Referral Partner sign-up page and register.
  • On the profile forms, enter any additional locations that your business has.
  • Also, in the profile section, carefully indicate the services and equipment that you offer.

  • In case you are wondering, GAIA in Greek mythology was another name for Earth. Although our services are currently focused on the USA, these Telecommunciations services are used for communications throughout the globe.
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